Tactical 550 Lanyard

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Duck Calls

The Tactical 550™ lanyard by Field Proven Designs is one of the toughest lanyards to hit the market. There is over 55 foot of military 550 parachute cord in each lanyard. One strand of this parachute cord can hold 550 pounds! With the Field Proven Para-Rail system you can easily and securely add an additional Universal Lanyard Drop at any location. The standard call drops are 2- 55 inch strands that are braided all the way around the loop of the lanyard so there is absolutely no way a call drop can pull out of this lanyard. The dual strand drops secure the mouth piece and insert of any call. To further protect your investment the Tactical 550 introduces an industry first Knot Locker . All lanyards come with a Lifetime Warranty and 100% Made In the U.S.A.

The Knot Locker slides on the drops to allow you to change calls. When the Knot Locker is slid into place it secures the loops around the call, protecting your investment.

Goose Calls