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Throughout my now 17 years as a full-time freelance outdoor writer and photographer, I've had the honor and the pleasure of meeting many fine, outstanding, and talented individuals. Heralding from all four corners of the United States and across the whole of Canada, these exceptional men and women have helped build my business into the successful venture it is today. But what's more significant is the fact that many of these same people have become much more than simply business acquaintances – many of them have become dear friends, inspirations, and sources of encouragement.

Such is the case with Field Hudnall.

My wife and partner, Julia Carol, and I first met Field in central Saskatchewan in 2005. At that time, Field had established himself as a force to be reckoned with among the nation's best competitive goose callers. Almost instantly, Julia Carol and I could see that the young man was much more than simply skilled with a short reed. A virtual stranger, Field took an immediate and obviously genuine interest in us and our work. He was friendly and outgoing; not the egomaniacal pseudo-celebrity so often, and unfortunately, associated with such achievements collected atop the calling stage. Over the course of the next week, we watched the young man work behind his cameras – incredibly meticulous, he was, a perfectionist working in the often imperfect world of The Great Outdoors. Day in and day out, Field exhibited the ability and the willingness to improvise, adapt, and adjust to the situations and the circumstances; he did it well, and with a degree of finesse and professionalism not oft-seen in men not yet 30. It was, Julia Carol and I agreed, a display that both inspired and renewed my personal faith in the dedication and commitment of Youth.

Since that time, we've had the opportunity to work closely with Field on several different occasions, and we both have been duly impressed with the young man's progress and improvements in the arenas of still photography, videography, editing, and overall technological advancement. We've seen the end results of his time spent in the editing suite – 24/7- Gone for the Season, 24/7 - Duck Camp, 24/7- Goose Camp, Snowstorm, and most recently, 24/7-Devil Dogs – and have enjoyed his work immensely. Julia Carol and I have watched, too, as the young man has continued to compile title after title within the increasingly competitive duck and goose calling circuit. Yet through it all – the work, the hours and days spent afield, the practice, the successes, and yes, even the disappointments – Field has, to us, never lost sight of the fact that he is truly blessed by a Creator much greater than himself, and that he is but one of us – your blue collar, working class, live for October through January, hardcore waterfowler.

And that, I believe, is what I admire the most –

Sincerely –

M.D. and Julia Carol Johnson

M & J Outdoor Communications

Martelle, IA 52305


I'm writing this testimonial for Field Hudnall. Even though I have not had the pleasure of hunting with him, he has my highest respect for what he has done in the waterfowl hunting industry. I have seen all of Fred Zink's videos and Field played a major role in making these videos the best waterfowl videos in the industry. My friends who have worked with him say he works hard to film the perfect video. Field is a perfectionist in any task he takes on.

This can be anything from shooting a video camera, digging a hole to film from, sitting in a tree in 10 degree weather, or calling and killing ducks and geese with no cameras around.

Everyone in the outdoor video business knows how good he is with a camera and producing videos, but they may not know his other great qualities. He is the most genuine and polite young man I have ever been associated with. He always has a smile and a kind word for you no matter who you are. I was very impressed with him on our first meeting and even more so now. I'm very proud to be able to call Field a good friend and someone I respect highly.

Tommy Akin

Akin Promotions

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