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Abnormal Conditions DVD

Here’s a new DVD release for all you waterfowlers in need of a summer fix: "Field Proven Calls 'Abnormal Conditions." There’s a lot I enjoyed about it. Namely, it is not one of those whack-em-and-stack-em type films that do hunting no favors and make me feel like I just watched an R-rated movie. Producer Field Hudnall and others lend perspective to the hunt, they show respect for the birds, and I genuinely learned some great tips from the footage. 

As the title suggests, Hudnall and friends encounter a variety of extreme weather conditions, including severe rain, wind, heavy snow, bright sun, drought and even flooding, as you follow them throughout the season. They don’t always kill birds—at least when they initially encounter the weather—but they make insightful adjustments, which are explained through video and the use of computer graphics. 

However, make no mistake: This DVD packs plenty of action. A March nuisance season goose hunt in New York offers viewers some of the best footage I’ve ever seen in terms of in-your-face shooting. 

Of course, being a sucker for historic duck hunting destinations, my favorite hunt of the two-plus hour DVD occurs at Mississippi’s famed Beaver Dam. Members of the Avery pro staff take gadwalls—which the location is known for—as well as mallards and some absolutely prime pintails among the flooded cypress. 
Originally Published on Monday, July 8, 2013