Matrix Goose Call

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Matrix Goose Call
Goose Call

The Matrix Goose Call is one of the fastest and most versatile goose calls on the market. It is quickly becoming many hunter's "Go To" call because of its precise low end control and its ability to replicate multiple goose subspecies. The Matrix comes with the Field Proven Mark I gut system in combination with a medium bore diameter for extra comfort in the hand. The short length offers lightning fast sound combinations and its ability to sound like multiple geese is unmatched in the field. All Matrix goose calls are hand tuned and carry the Field Proven Promise Life Time Warranty.

Material: Cast Acrylic for maximum performance and sharpness.

Operation Characteristics: Has a tight feeling that requires medium air pressure. Very fast response with extremely wide range in sound.

Installed Internal Gut System: Mark I

Standard Operating Reed Shave: The reed is shaved to be medium to medium/high pitch in tone. Optional tuning Available

Matrix Call