Indian Creek Black Diamond Triumph Choke Tube (Waterfowl)

Indian Creek Black Diamond Triumph Choke Tube (Waterfowl)

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Indian Creek Shooting System offers the best choke tube solution for all types of waterfowl hunters. The unique patented technology allows hunters to fire all types of loads with confidence that they will deliver the tightest and most consistent patterns possible.

.710 Constriction = This constriction is for the shooter that wants the tightest pattern possible. More experienced shooters like this constriction, for any misses will be due to human error and not holes in your pattern. Clay and Field Hudnall have shot many different brands of tubes over the years and they both agree that the .710 Indian Creek is hands down the best all round waterfowl tube they have ever shot.

.720 Constriction = This constriction is more of wider pattern for closer shots. If you are always shooting ducks and geese that are 30 yards or less then the .720 is the best tube for the job. The .720 constriction offers patterns for shooters that want a little bit larger margin for error.

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