Q: Do all Field Proven waterfowl calls really have a lifetime warranty?

A: YES!! All Field Proven waterfowl calls come with a full lifetime warranty. This means that we will retune the call for free for the life of the call. We will also fix or repair any defects in the call for free for the life of the call. All repair and retune work is free but there is a shipping and handling charge of $8.00 if call is mailed to shop or return mail is required. This charge can be avoided if retune is requested in person either at the shop or at a show.

Q: How do I return a call for retuning or service work?

A: All you have to do is ship the call to us with a note that explains in detail how you would like the call tuned and or what problems you are experiencing with the call. All retuning is FREE but please include $8.00 for returned shipping and handling. Ship to: Field Proven Calls PO BOX 80 Westport Ky, 40077

Q: Who tunes all the Waterfowl calls?

A: All duck and goose calls are hand tuned and tested by Field Proven Calls Owners Clay and Field Hudnall. We hold such a high standard for realism, performance and quality that Clay and Field want to make sure every call shipped out of the shop is a call they would be proud to put on their own lanyard themselves.