Mini Striker Turkey Pot Call

Mini Striker Turkey Pot Call


The Mini Tracker is a lethal little call that produces young hen sounds gobblers cannot resist.

The Pot: The Mini Tracker is glass over slate with a small sound chamber which creates higher pitched notes to imitate young excited hens. The sound chamber is shaped out of Bocote which is an exotic hardwood out of Central America. Bocote is a heavy hardwood with a fine texture that allows the Mini Tracker to project plenty of volume out of a small package. The Mini Tracker is comfortable in the hand especially for women and children.

The Surface: The Mini Tracker has a small premium glass top that has been preconditioned using state of the art laser technology. The preconditioned surface around the turkey track gives you multiple consistent calling areas and makes future conditioning much easier than standard glass friction calls. For optimum performance hold the call so that you run the striker parallel to the middle toe of the turkey track. For future glass conditioning sand the glass perpendicular to the middle toe of the turkey track.

The Striker: The Mini Tracker has been sound matched with our very own Purple Heart striker. Purple Heart is an exotic hardwood from the tropical rain forest of Brazil. The wood used for this striker is ranked as one of the hardest and most stiff woods in the world. This striker when used on the Mini Tracker will produce excited high pitched hen sounds that are extremely lethal on old late season gobblers that have a PhD in hunting pressure.

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